Respect For Rhino – A poem by Olivia Binfield, age 9


The rhino has lived for millions of years, Who are we to destroy it, ┬ájust ’cause of superstitious fears, Enormous, enchanting, beautiful beast, He needs our voice, let’s give him that, at least! Greedy poachers, breaking the laws, Always wanting more and more. Killing up to two a day, Imminent extinction! ┬áPlease, no way! Listen to these creatures cry out in pain, Poachers, you should hang your head in shame. The acrid reek of death fills the hungers soul, Help me please, this is getting out of control. I saw a rhino, his horn had been cut away, Barely breathing, unable to smile or play. My eyes are filled with tears, come on, join my crusade, Let’s do all we can to end this sickening trade!

Olivia Binfield, age 9

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